Field Trip (Sanity & Tallulah, Book 2) by Molly Brooks

field trip


A lively and fun space adventure…

In this second installment in the Sanity & Tallulah series, Brooks takes Sanity and Tallulah on an adventurous trip to a distant planet where the duo becomes stranded and struggles to escape before a catastrophic event occurs. After Sanity and Tallulah arrive on a distant planet for their school trip along with their classmates, the pair gets separated from the group and trouble starts brewing for the young girls. With nothing else but the contents of Tallulah’s overloaded backpack, the girls have to work fast to escape. Brooks skillfully blends science and technology into this adventurous story, which is tinged with an excellent dose of humor. The characterization is top notch with a diverse set of characters and the prose thoroughly engaging. The narrative is swiftly paced, and the high action keeps the young readers occupied in the girls’ adventures. A delightful adventure!


Field Trip

(Sanity & Tallulah, Book 2)

by Molly Brooks


Pub Date 22 Oct 2019

ISBN 9781368009782

PRICE $21.99 (USD)

Categories: Children's Fiction

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