From #Catatonia, to #Avalon, Back to #Atlantis – and Beyond by William Smith

from catatonia to avalon and back to atlantis.jpg

A combination of philosophy, myth, and fantasy, Smith’s short, accessible book integrates Freudian, Jungian, and Buddhists concepts of personality with Drive Theory to draws parallels between humanity’s relentless journey of brotherhood and peace to hatred, intolerance, and racism. The protagonist CB, the Cheeky Bastard, arrives in Avalon from his home in Catatonia at Arthur’s residence, an Iroquois longhouse, and joins Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, and Perceval to receive oral teachings from Merlin. In a witty, sure prose, Smith lays out the basic concepts of Freudian theory of Id, Ego, and Super Ego, Carl Jung’s model of synchronicity, and Buddhist philosophy and explores how creatures are born with certain psychological needs and how a negative state of unease is created when these needs are not fulfilled. In the story, Atlantis represents hatred, intolerance, and racism, whereas Avalon embodies peace, a plateau to reach. The book’s pacing is fast, and the fantasy element of the plot gives an intriguing tone to its philosophical concept: some knowledge of psychoanalysis is needed to fully grasp the sections on Freudian and Jungian concepts. Smith’s narrative is a combination of established conclusions and fresh arguments that beautifully bring the reader along. The book offers an intriguing look at the Freudian and Buddhist concept of personality and the drive theory of psychology and in the process examines humanity in its many forms. With its fascinating theme and lighthearted prose, the book will appeal to readers slightly familiar with psychoanalysis, psychology, and sociology.

From #Catatonia, to #Avalon, Back to #Atlantis – and Beyond

by William Smith

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