Before the Fall: A Prequel to The Chaos Series by Jim Hamilton

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Reflective, intelligent, and highly gripping…

This prequel to Hamilton’s The Chaos series is a swiftly paced, thoughtful tale of the exploration of the grim realities as a planet devastated by population explosion reaches its tripping point, approaching fast toward its end. The official science council for Shoomar gives a go-ahead to the Project New Hope – where the space ship New Hope will carry 500 selected Shoomarans and travel to the planet New Haven for colonization to avoid extinction – after the approaching death of Shoomar becomes evident, but the visionary Herreld Vale and genetic scientist Dr. Karll Landdren have another plan to save the Shoomaran race from extinction. Hamilton explores the grim realities of global crisis (people wearing respirators and heavy longcoats for survival, infrastructure crumbling with population explosion, widespread famine) in a lighthearted tone without slowing down any of his narrative threads. Readers who have read The Chaos series will be pleased to meet old characters: Dr. Landdren, Krystyna Jerrod, Kyl, and Cassy. Dr. Karll Landdren come out as a cold, calculative psychopath along with Herreld Vale, but their practical solution to an increasingly plausible environmental catastrophe will make perfect sense to the science fiction aficionados. A stark cautionary tale with a shimmer of hope that will resonate highly with science fiction lovers.

Before the Fall: A Prequel to The Chaos Series

by Jim Hamilton

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PUB DATE August 21, 2019

ISBN 9781687567314

PRICE $6.95 (USD)

Categories: Science Fiction

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