The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol by Kevin Purdy

TheLegendofDecimusCroomev2 copy


A spooky, delightful Halloween read…

A happy, content Decimus Croome changed for worst after his wife’s untimely demise and is a bitter old man now who despises every festival, especially Halloween. A cranky recluse, he lives in his gloomy old house and leaves no chance to inflict misery upon others. But four ghostly spirits visit Croome a night before Halloween and change his perspective toward life. Inspired by Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the concept of the good and the malevolent is beautifully carried out in the book. The atmosphere in the book brims with Halloween mood, and Purdy’s excellent recreations of the life and the vigor of a small-town during Halloween celebrations add intrigue to the story. With its realistic characters, ageless wisdom, and spooky atmosphere, the book will appeal equally to the old and the young.


The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol

by Kevin Purdy

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Pub Date April 19, 2017

ISBN 9781520500652

PRICE $9.99 (USD)


Categories: Children's Fiction, Paranormal/Supernatural, Short Reviews

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