Call Me Crash by Michael Bronte

call me crash.jpg


A thrilling ride packed with speedy action…

What starts as missing backup orders in logbooks in Rosenbloom Starr’s flagship store takes a deadly turn after murders of top-ranking executives one after another. A hostile takeover attempt by a leading retail chain add to further chaos in the company but stakes get higher after the revelation that the takeover is a part of a bigger plot involving a deadly international mafia. Despite a horde of secondary characters and many subplots, Bronte never loses his grip on the main plot, which stays easy to follow. Bronte neatly integrates sex and breathless action into his intricate story line. A backstory with Rosenbloom’s founding history adds to the intrigue of the story. The sharply drawn characters, solid action, and jaw-dropping plot twists make this action thriller really thrill. Readers will hope to see more of Bronte’s work.


Call Me Crash

by Michael Bronte

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PUB DATE May 1, 2018


PRICE $3.88


Categories: Action and Thrillers, Short Reviews

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