Vacation on New Haven by Jim Hamilton


Thoroughly absorbing with its strange details and beautiful quirks…
The triplets from The Race at Valli Ha’I return in this engrossing new adventure by Hamilton. A vacation for the sisters turns out to be a blessing for New Haven’s inhabitants. The triplets’ curiosity leads them to explore an ACME stasis chamber and save the planet from being lost into nothingness. Unusual and charming, Hamilton’s fantasy is a delightful read with its theme of exotic time-travel with jump drives, ironic characters ranging from gentle to raucous and ignorant to know-it-all, and its exquisite setting. Hamilton’s realistic treatment of humans, shoomarans and other alien species across the Universe constantly battling a dearth of natural resources makes the book both convincing and thought-provoking. Though the book does fairly well to be read as a stand-alone, going through earlier books in a proper order will make for a better reading experience.

Vacation on New Haven

by Jim Hamilton

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PUB DATE July 27, 2019

ISBN 9781085956918

PRICE $9.95 (USD)

Categories: Science Fiction, Short Reviews

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