Everything I Knew to be True by Rayna York

everything i know to be true


A consuming tale of love and loss…

Seventeen-year-old Cassie is forced to leave her home, her city, and school after her mother’s death and live with a family friend in California. The trauma of leaving everything behind is too much to bear, but when shocking secrets from her mother’s past surface, they bring chaos in Cassie’s life. Struggling to make sense of the things, Cassie can’t help but fall in love with her childhood friend. York puts a quirky spin on the familiar story of a teenager’s struggles to fit in and the feelings of falling in love for the first time. Cassie and Cody’s love story is wrought with delicious sexual tension. York beautifully depicts the hope, the fears, and the vulnerabilities of first love. Sentimental without being overly cloying, the book is highly engrossing and will delight romance readers.


Everything I Knew to be True

by Rayna York

Toad Tree Press

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PUB DATE May 17, 2019

ISBN 9781999095109

PRICE $11.99 (USD)

Categories: Fiction, YA

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