Lady in the Lake by Laura Lippman

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A brilliant read…

Set in the 1960s Baltimore, this stunning mystery follows the story of Madeline Schwartz, a Jewish housewife who decides to divorce her husband of eighteen years after realizing her desire to achieve something in life other than marriage and motherhood. Discovery of a young girl’s body paves ways for Madeline to join a local newspaper as a clerk’s position. But Madeline’s ambition of becoming an investigative journalist gets her entangled in the murder investigation of Cleo Sherwood, a young African-American mother, whose disappearance and murder were entirely ignored by both the authorities and the media. The narrative shifts between various characters; Madeline, Cleo, and a horde of ancillary characters’ monologue. Both Madeline and Cleo are strong female protagonists; unapologetically ambitious, driven, and go-getters. Lippman’s atmospheric setting and rich prose, which perfectly catches the era’s prejudice and racism, make for a sophisticated read.


Lady in the Lake

by Laura Lippman

Faber & Faber

Pub Date 25 Jul 2019

ISBN 9780571339440

PRICE £12.99 (GBP)


Categories: Mystery

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