Reinventing Hillwilla by Melanie Forde

reinventing hillwilla


A remarkable page-turner…

A moving exploration of relationships, family dynamics, and notions of home, the final installment in Hillwilla Trilogy is a definite hit. It’s been five years since Beatrice Desmond settled on her llama farm in Seneca County, west Virginia. Clara Buckhalter who came to live temporarily with Beatrice at thirteen has become the latter’s permanent daughter. She has started school at Beatrice’s alma mater on a scholarship. But things take a wayward turn after Clara’s scheming mother returns in her life and manipulates certain situations for her own sinister motives. The pacing of the book is even, the prose top-notch, and Forde’s storytelling skill will draw the reader right from the beginning. The characterization shines as Forde draws carefully sketched, rich characters and weaves a convincing reality from their intricate emotions. Animal lovers will hate to miss the book. Highly recommended!


Reinventing Hillwilla

by Melanie Forde

Mountain Lake Press

Buy now

PUB DATE November 4, 2018

ISBN 9781730785498

PRICE $15.95 (USD)


Categories: Historical fiction, Short Reviews

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