Strange Cars in the Night by Eric Keegan

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A sophisticated debut…

Keegan’s debut collection takes cars as its inspiration for quirky fun and terse, stark verse. The poems in the collection are both fun and contemplative and not only pay homage to cars but also revel in sentiments. “A Space So Delicately Confined” features lovers’ quarrels. “Building Secret Machines” talks about outlandishly futuristic headlights on newer models. “Motor City Run Run” recounts several brand names and ponders on the futility of a brand name in the absence of the basic functioning parts. “Derelict Debacle” with its theme of a late-night car robbery is as grim as it’s humorous. Keegan blends poignant emotions with non-poetic elements: car models, engine parts, tires, and headlights and brings forth a collection that’s amazingly fun and reflective. An expertly created collection of lighthearted, breezy poems that poetry lovers will devour in no time.


Strange Cars in the Night

by Eric Keegan

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PUB DATE January 2, 2019

ISBN 9781791527129



Categories: Poetry, Short Reviews

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