Permanent Position by Sid Stark

Permanent Position


Riveting… total fun!

Stark takes a quirky, humorous look at the gritty backstage of higher education in America in the third installment of Dr. Rowena Halley series. Rowena is in Charlotte, North Carolina for a semester long teaching position and struggles to make ends meet. The life is complicated enough with teaching assignments, tedious grading, her ex’s cryptic emails, and her brother’s troubled condition, but after a student draws her into his family matters, things take a turn for a worst with dangerous consequences for Rowena. Stark remains a brilliant observer of the academia scene. The narrative tinged with sly humor is utterly engrossing. The characters are easy to connect to and sharply drawn. A stellar addition to Stark’s remarkable list.


Permanent Position

by Sid Stark

Helia Press

PUB DATE coming soon


Categories: Fiction, Mystery, Short Reviews

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