Colony Ship New Hope: New Haven or Bust by Jim Hamilton

colony ship new hope
Superb! An engrossing novel full of intrigue…
When crew of the New Hope, a Shoomar ship, left a dying planet behind to colonize another habitable planet, they never thought they would meet an unexpected fate upon awakening from their almost a thousand-year long stasis. An adjunct sequel to Second Contact, the second book of The Chaos Trilogy, New Hope offers a rich premise, clever writing, and a comprehensible far-future based on innovative environmental and scientific assumptions. Hamilton’s brilliant imagination will delight the reader with its interesting, original approach. The sequel surpasses the original in intrigue and engrossment. Better to read the series in proper order as the standalone could be a bit confounding for the new reader. A must read for fans of science fiction.

Colony Ship New Hope: New Haven or Bust

by Jim Hamilton

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PUB DATE September 4, 2017

ISBN 9781549663208

PRICE $9.94 (USD)

Categories: Science Fiction, Short Reviews

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