Decanted Truths by Melanie Forde

decanted truth


With its pitch-perfect evocation of people and places from a bygone era and interesting premise, the novel is a must read for fans of historical fiction…

In Decanted Truths, Forde constructs a brilliant historical family saga populated with colorful characters and successfully evokes the Great Depression era. It tells the story of two Irish immigrant families seen through the eyes of Leah Gavagan. Twice-orphaned Leah has always found it hard to fit in with her surroundings. A death in the family unravels shocking secrets that upends Leah’s life and sends her on a journey of finding her place in the world. The novel is slow to start but soon the pace quickens with heavy suspense at the back, culminating to a highly satisfying denouement. A stunning book that expertly explores the difference between mistakes and sins.


Decanted Truths

by Melanie Forde

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Mountain Lake Press

PUB DATE November 4th 2018

ISBN 9781730785863

PRICE $16.95 (USD)


Categories: Historical fiction, Short Reviews

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2 replies

  1. Decanted Truths is a veritable page-turner. Forde’s characters leap off the page most vividly through her dialogue and descriptions- and she deals wisely with the subjects of psychic gifts, grief, love, and forgiveness. This novel is one to share.


  2. Wonderful review!


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