Sell Sea Shells by Mara Mer

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A beautifully written, deeply engrossing, and moving novella…

Mara Mer’s Sell Sea Shells follows young and handsome Ismail, an illegal Moroccan immigrant, through despair and hope as he strikes an unusual friendship with a wealthy Italian man. The old man offers Ismail a way out of his despondent situation, but the thing he wants in return is too difficult for the gentle, sensitive Ismail to give. Mer has a sharp eye for emotional details, and her portrayal of Ismail as a sensitive, gentle soul stirs the reader’s heart. Fans of literary fiction will welcome this beautiful novella, which expertly captures the enduring dreams and hopes of illegal immigrants while drawing a moving portrayal of the fear, emotional turmoil, and their desolate lives.


Sell Sea Shells

by Mara Mer

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PUB DATE April 25, 2019

ISBN 9781999914653

PRICE $6.99 (USD)


Categories: Fiction, Short Reviews

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