I Know You’re There by Sarah Simpson



i kno you there


A tedious read that disappoints…

Leaving scary memories of her childhood behind, Natalie is looking forward to living a life of security in her cozy little flat in St. Ives. Morwenna, Nigel, and Daniel, Natalie’s neighbors become the family she never had and with whom she has one thing in common—they all have personal issues and past secrets to deal with. But soon the sense of safety becomes a memory of the past as someone targets the friends with a sinister agenda of their twisted mind. The narration is tedious, as Simpson’s key players go around their life with hardly any background except for a few vague hints suggesting some kind of past traumas and their equally vague present lives. Hence, the characterization falls flat. Simpson’s writing is good, but the plot slogs through lifelessly without any real suspense, making it hard to move through pages. The worn-out ending seems to be plucked out straight from one of Sidney Sheldon’s old novels without his trademark flair and greatly disappoints. The reader looking to find intrigue and excitement in this formula thriller will be greatly disappointed.

I Know You’re There

by Sarah Simpson


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Pub Date 06 Jun 2019

ISBN 9781788544849

PRICE $4.85 (USD)


Categories: Suspense and Thriller

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