Esteban & Marialena: A contemporary romance by Eve Corso



A light contemporary romance.…

Marialena Villanueva, a twenty-six-year-old knockout beauty falls hard for the film director, Esteban Gutierrez. Marialena is everything Esteban wants in a woman except for her young age. At forty-nine, Esteban is skeptical of getting into a committed relationship with a woman more than twenty years his junior. As Estaban’s younger brother Henry gets to know Marialena, he finds himself attracted to her, and the things get complicated. Corso’s characterization is great, and the narrative flows smoothly. The love story in the book is sort of clichéd but in good fun. While Marialena’s girl-next-door personality will be a hit with some readers, others may find her fickle attitude cringeworthy. Plenty of movies and music discussions will make the movie buffs happy.


Esteban & Marialena: A contemporary romance

by Eve Corso

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Crazy Ink

PUB DATE February 17th 2019

ISBN 9781795239097

PRICE $12.99 (USD)


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