The Year of Oceans by Sean Anderson

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An electrifying story of one man’s grief that will grip the reader from start to finish…

Told in short snippets over the course of a year combined with past flashbacks, Anderson brings his considerable talents to this gripping story of a man struggling to cope with his wife’s demise. With his inability to talk about his grief after his wife’s death, the retired accountant Hugo Larson finds it hard to come to term with his loss. Pushing family and friends away, Hugo slowly takes to heavy drinking and falls into despair. Anderson takes the story forward with day-to-day routine of Hugo’s life, while exploring the pits of the father-son relationship. The narrative becomes stiff at times, but that is a small flaw in this remarkable book.


The Year of Oceans

by Sean Anderson

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Riversong Books

PUB DATE February 12, 2018

ISBN 9781946849175

PRICE 978-1946849175


Categories: Fiction, Short Reviews

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