Searching for Unique by Nancy O’Hare



Certainly a keeper…

Nancy O’Hare was pursuing a successful career in finance after earning an executive MBA when the pull of leading a simpler, healthier lifestyle took her to discover different cultures across foreign lands. She never looked back. Searching for Unique, O’Hare’s second book is a sincere effort at creating a well-informed travel to remote, challenging places. The matter-of-fact narrative takes readers to heartwarming journey across exotic lands while exploring different social causes: affordable housing, cost of living, and children’s education in developing countries among others. The stunning black and white pictures are a treat to the eyes. Though the book explores several destinations with remote hikes, little-known wilderness treks, rare festivals, and ancient temples across five continents, the major portion is focused on exotic lands of Bhutan. Beware! It could inspire readers to leave the modern comforts of their homes and settle in the wilderness of this small, exotic land of Asia.


Searching for Unique

by Nancy O’Hare

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PUB DATE November 22, 2018

ISBN 9781775039068

PRICE $17.78 (USD)


Categories: Non Fiction, Short Reviews

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