Sweet Orion by S. l. Barlow

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An enticing premise with stereotypical characters and a dash of fantasy…

Barlow blends the contemporary with the fantasy in this short story as the teens, Sarah and Heather, go for a stroll in the woods at night unaware of the mysterious fate awaiting them. The story ends with a cliff-hanger keeping readers in dark about girls’ fate. Both the characters are nicely sketched, and their teen friendship rings true. The story is short, and Barlow keeps all the shocking surprises for the last page. Though the magical elements are mundane, they’re thoroughly effective in creating a subtle aura of darkness. Barlow leaves the essence of fantasy elements in the conclusion open-endedit’s for readers to decide whether magical elements will bring darkness or change girls’ fate for better.


Sweet Orion

by S. l. Barlow

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PUB DATE December 17, 2018


PRICE: £3.99

 Review of uncorrected proof copy with visible mistakes.


Categories: Fantasy, Short Reviews, Stories

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