Tied to Deceit by Neena H. Brar


This book, more literary than traditional crime fiction, is intricated plotted, filled with dark motives, ordinary lives and richly textured characters…

“The curtains were drawn and the splendour of the morning sun through the vast window had been illuminating an exotic nude of Vishwamitra and Menka on the wall above a huge oak canopy bed. The exquisite jewellery on Menka’s body seemed to blaze where the sunbeams fell, giving it the appearance of gold. Her face was crossed with red which seemed a defiance to her exotic voluptuous beauty. Somehow, the painting looked unsettling.

On the bed, the woman lay on her back, her eyes listless and huge, staring into the void, one arm dangling on the side of the bed, her thick hair a halo of glossy black against the whiteness of pillow. In death, she looked like a plastic statue. Her face was pallid as if drained of every single drop of blood. There was barely any beauty left. In life, she must have been very beautiful with an enduring playful sexuality.”

That’s Neena H. Brar for you, presenting a vision that’s forbidding, grotesque, and yet oddly beautiful. Body of a stunningly beautiful, mysterious, and malicious woman, Devika Singh is found in her bed on a rainy morning in August and SP Vishwanath Sharma is assigned to the case. With too many suspects and plenty of motives, the case becomes complicated as the investigation proceeds. Brar makes clever work of her characters’ daily lives and successfully transports the reader to a past era; the author gives an acutely observed portrayal of the 1970s India through her characters’ ordinary living. This book, more literary than traditional crime fiction, is intricated plotted, filled with dark motives, ordinary lives and richly textured characters. The author uses a decorous style and measured pace to individualizes each member of her ensemble cast brilliantly. But her best, most distinctive study is her portrait of the villains: a stunningly beautiful woman who does everything out of pure spite and a wicked, an absolute devil of a man who would stop at nothing to achieve anything he wants. In Tied to Deceit, the author creates a riveting story with her sharp characterization and a keen sense of irony that will keep readers engaged from start to finish. Fans of psychological suspense, along with lovers of brilliant whodunits, will love this complex story.


Tied to Deceit

By Neena H. Brar

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Penguide Books

Published August 4, 2018

ISBN 9781775158028

Price $19.99 (USD)

Categories: Fiction, International Mysteries, Mystery, Police Procedural, Suspense and Thriller

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