Full Disclosure by Beverley McLachlin


A technically precise legal thriller. McLachlin puts her experience on the Court to good use, writing her debut thriller with exact and to-the-point court proceedings without being overly stuffy.

It is a debut thriller by Beverley McLachlin, the former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Canada, the first woman in Canadian history to hold that position. Jilly Truitt is an ambitious criminal lawyer in her early thirties trying to make a name for herself in the male-dominated legal field. She is hired by Vincent Trussardi, a high-profile business tycoon who is accused of murdering his young wife, Laura Trussardi. The prognosis is grim for Vincent, considering he is the only suspect in Laura’s death, and the evidence against him is overwhelming. Despite her initial reservations and warnings from other people, Jilly takes Vincent’s case. As she digs deeper into the mystery surrounding Laura’s death, she uncovers a shocking secret that changes the direction of the case and her own life. While McLachlin is highly effectual at constructing a seamless court room drama, she lags behinds when it comes to adding depth to her characters or creating a unified plot. The basic plot is fairly simple, which usually gives an author enough space to add loads of spark to the story. Unfortunately, the story stays pretty one-dimensional and when it comes to add that final shocking twist: why the killer committed the crime; it seems McLachlin couldn’t help but use the age-old technique of her protagonist drives the culprit into confessing the murder. For the true mystery buffs, the ending wouldn’t come as a shock. The court proceedings are exact and to-the-point without being overly stuffy, and that’s the only best thing about McLachlin’s writing.

Full Disclosure

by Beverley McLachlin

Simon & Schuster
Pub Date May 1, 2018
ISBN 9781501172786
List Price $16.99 (USD)

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